12 Things that can make me happy this weekend

Happiness can seem to be so temporary that we don’t even mention when it’s here. Do small things every day to act towards happiness. It is a simple trick to achieving happy life. I have jotted down a few simple and easy things for you that make me happy.

Simple Things For Happy Life

Little Exercise

Surely, physical wellness relates to mental wellness. Make sure you’re taking care of your body and offering it some physical activity every single day–even if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes. Consistency is key to feeling good and lead a happy life–about yourself and everyone and everything else in your life.

I always take a little exercise because it is one of those things which always make me happy.


Be kind to everyone

You’ve heard that “nice guys finish last.” The key to stay happy is spreading kindness and making small kind gestures. Choose to be kind every day. Because you get what you give. Your happiness will surely grow. Whenever I take kind steps towards others, I feel relieved. Those simple steps make me happy. So, I do simple and easy tasks for my happiness, and surely this is what makes people happy.

Meet people you love

Surrounding yourself with those you love spreads good vibes. Don’t spend time with those who spread badness. Never feed those who want nothing but to suck your life. Choose a good company for yourself carefully. If you can not find one, make happy company yourself. This is what makes you happy the most. Surround yourself with people you love. No doubt, you will experience positive energy, and you’ll also find good and real relationships. |When you make happy environment, it helps you to stay happy without any reason.

Eat Healthier Foods

You must have heard, “You are what you eat.” It’s genuine. It is one of the happy things which helps us a lot to live a happy life.

If you keep on eating packaged and canned food like fast food, your body would show you the bad results. Those results can be feeling sluggish, gaining weight, and other health issues that affect you emotionally as well. Eating healthy helps you to think healthy. Also that you’ll feel more lively and active. You will truly be healthier from the inside out.


Get Enough Rest

sleeping less makes you feel cranky sometimes. It causes us to be more stressful and frustrated. However, having a good night of sleep can help you to tackle your daily tasks calmly. Eating healthy makes your brain healthy. 

Do What You Love

Do happy things. Always do what you love. Doing things filled with love makes you feel even happier. Then work doesn’t feel like work. It feels like play. When I do things I love the most, it makes me happy and calm.so always do what makes you happy.

Be grateful

Being grateful matters a lot. It shares half of your happiness. Take a few simple steps towards gratefulness. Appreciate people for their work, thank them and love them. When people get appreciation and gratitude for their work, they’d definitely give you their best. Being grateful always makes me happy. Motivation comes from love. The more motivated they are, the more devoted they would be. 

Let yourself be happy

Make happy out of the worst. Most of the time, it is us who hold us back from happiness. We are the biggest obstacle to happiness. Staying happy and letting yourself enjoy things gives you satisfaction. Always find comfort being loved and in the company of those you love. It is one of the most happy things. It includes a lot of things like doing what makes people happy, charity, acts of dignity, be thankful, and love everybody. This is also one of the things what makes you happy.

A Good Dose of Gratitude; Happier to give

If you consciously be thankful, you can change happiness. Remember those lovely moments you spent previously. Take simple initiatives. This leads to a happy life. Thank you daily. Amy Collette said,

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” 

I remember those days when I was in my school and used to celebrate dignity day. It felt really great and light when I used to sit down with the junior staff, and thank them, give them gifts. This was one of the happy things in my life. Also, give some charity. It also helps you to reduce your stress. People who are happier to give, are happier throughout their day.

Structure of positive situations 

Perceiving the situations make them positive or negative. Try to figure things out differently. This can reduce your hassle, and make you think in a positive and understanding way. Try to make happy and joyful ideas that you can follow daily. Doing this relaxes you mentally. This is what a happy life demands from you.  For example, you missed an opportunity, and now you’re feeling sad. Think another way. Rather than being worried, you can now utilize your time in dealing with something more important. It is one of those things what makes people happy. 


Give yourself some time. Start writing about things that are favorable to you. Write down those things you’re grateful for. This will lighten up your mind and soul. And would definitely keep you healthy. Often when I write things which make me happy, I feel satisfied..

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