7 things to do before turning 30.

By the time you are 30, you have already seen a lot in your life. You’ve seen and enjoyed your favorite holiday season. You have been taking risks in your life, you face your fears of any kinds. You are not caring for others in your teenage, you think you are the best and being in a relationship is the best feeling. But there are the other sides of the story also. You might not have enough money in the bank, you might not have done any safe investments and you might not have tried to build a home. Right?

If you’re reading this, you might be a teenager or your 30th birthday is approaching, and it is coming really fast. Some of you might have crossed your 30s and I hope you are not regretting anything in your life. And to make sure no one regrets as others did, let’s check out my list of 7 things to do before turning 30.

1- Enjoy your holiday season!

The holiday season is the time which roughly starts from late November and ends in January. This is the time when most holidays happen. Like Christmas, thanksgiving and new year’s eve. This holiday season is the time you spend at home, with your family, with your parents. And believe me, this time passes like a flash. 

By the time you will be turning 30, your life might be surrounded by worries of all kinds. You might be thinking about doing safe investments for ensuring your success, and how to stack money in the bank, and all these kinds of financial things will be going around in your mind. 

At this time of life, you will find peace in the memories of your best holiday season you spent with your family, your siblings, at your cozy home. How relaxing those feelings are. At those family times, you argue a lot with our annoying siblings, yet we are caring for others. 

So the number one thing to do before turning 30, is to enjoy the best holiday season at home, with family.

2- STOP holding a grudge.

We just talked about family time and the moments and care we give each other. But some times things do not go as planned. Ups and downs are a part of life, right? You might have a grudge on somebody. Maybe a family member, a classmate, a friend or anyone. But do you think holding a grudge is a good thing?

Let’s imagine you are in your 40’s and you don’t have hard feelings in your heart. And believe me, this happens over time as we grow, we start becoming polite and humble. So, you don’t have any hard feelings in your heart and you meet some old friend with whom you were holding a grudge for so many years. Will you be able to look them in the eye without remembering all those years you did not talk. I bet, the reason might not be so big as compared to all these years. 

That feeling of guilt will make you feel guilty and regretful and you’ll repent on it.

It is hard to understand when you have young warm blood running in your veins, but you should start caring for others and let go of all the mistakes of the past and STOP holding a grudge.

3- Build a home before turning 30.

What’s the comfort of a cozy home is? Wherever you are, you miss that feeling of being at home. You can remember the holiday season you spent at your home!

When you’re turning 30 and you’re moving out in the world, you’re in a relationship and want to marry your loved one, you start doing safe investments and you want to have money in the bank. At that time, you think about making a home. A home where you and your wife can enjoy life and your kids can play and be safe. 

After you have wife and kids, it’s really very hard to do savings and stack money in the bank to build a home. You have many other responsibilities and priorities in life. 

I think you should consider saving some money, do smart and safe investments and build a home of your dreams before it gets too complicated.

4- Find something you are really good at.

Having a skill in life is a great thing. Education is no doubt the must thing to have. But education without skills is nothing. What is the point of knowing everything when you can not even use that knowledge? A skillful person never stays hungry. You must believe that you are the best. 

So before turning 30, you must identify what you are really good at. It can be anything. It can be a soft skill. One might be very good at speaking or communicating. Someone might be good at computer programming or maybe writing or movie making. 

You need to find the skill which is buried inside you. What you are the best at? Think about it and polish yourself.

5- Start looking after your diet.

You feel the most energetic during the age of twenty and twenty-five. After the age of 30, your body slows down in processing the food and this is the point when a person starts gradually going down day by day.

You’ve heard of the phrase – “Save something for the rainy day”. This applies to your diet as well. You need to make a plan to eat good and healthy food. You should plan to eat those energy-rich foods which will give your body, the boost it will need in the long run.

6- Face your fears and start taking risks.

As we become more and more mature, we become mature. Our brain automatically starts calculating all the pros and cons of a situation, face your fears and taking risks becomes very hard and challenging for us. 

It is time for you to face your fears and start taking risks. Because, the greater the risk, the greater the reward will be.

7- Invest your money.

Almost everyone is earning money in one way or another. You might be doing a job, you are a freelancer, self-employed or an investor. In every other way of earning money, you need to spend your time to earn that cash. 

But investing is the only way you can earn money without putting in any of your time. Your youth is the time when you can stack up money in your bank, and you must do safe investments so you can be able to build a home when you reach the age of your 40s.


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